The airports in France where you’re most likely to be delayed

A new list shows which airports in France are most likely to keep you waiting for more than an hour. And there are no prizes for guessing that the two main Paris airports don't cover themselves in glory.

The airports in France where you're most likely to be delayed
Passengers waiting for delayed flights at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris. Photo: AFP
There's nothing quite as infuriating as being delayed at the airport. Either you're eager to start your holiday or you're exhausted and ready to get home.
But where in France are you most likely to be subject to delays? A new study by French start-up RefundMyTicket, a company dedicated to helping passengers who have suffered flight delays and cancellations, has the answers. 
The study, published on Thursday, based on figures on flights taking place from January 1st to August 31st, show that Orly airport in Paris is the absolute worst airport in France when it comes to keeping passengers waiting.
Out of 30 airports around France, Orly came bottom of the pile, with 6.58 percent of flights leaving the airport experiencing delays lasting longer than an hour.   
And Charles de Gaulle isn't much better, coming in 23rd, with 4 percent of flights experiencing delays of more than an hour. Perhaps no surprise to those passengers who ranked Orly and Charles de Gaulle the worst in Europe in a previous poll.
Strasbourg Entzheim (29th) and Lyon-Saint Exupéry (28th) were also airports where passengers were more likely to be waiting around.
At Strasbourg Entzheim passengers will find they've got a fair chance of being kept hanging around, with a rate of 5.24 percent of flights delayed for over an hour, and in Lyon that rate is 5.18 percent. 

It's not all bad news for visitors to France however, with small and medium-sized airports faring much better. 
Angers in western France, Caen in Normandy in northern France, Metz in the north east, Limoges in the south west and Rennes in Brittany in the north west taking the top five positions, with the percentage of flights delayed by more than an hour at less than one percent.  
And coming in 6th and 7th were big regional airports Lille (0.97 percent) and Marseille (1.11 percent). 
If you are kept waiting, there is a European regulation which gives passengers the right to claim up to €600 in compensation in cases of being denied boarding, cancellation or long flight delays.
However at the moment only five percent of eligible passengers make a claim says RefundMyTicket. 


Lufthansa delays flight from Minsk over ‘security warning’

German airline Lufthansa said it delayed the departure of a flight from Minsk to Frankfurt on Monday after it received a "security warning", one day after a forced landing over Belarus.

Lufthansa delays flight from Minsk over 'security warning'
Lufthansa flights await takeoff at Munich Airport. Photo: Christof Stache/AFP

The flight eventually took off for Frankfurt after renewed checks, with all passengers on board.

“The flight took off 10 minutes ago,” an airline spokesman told AFP at about 13.30pm GMT, one day after a forced landing over Belarus. “All passengers were on board as planned.”

The airline announced the delay on Monday morning, saying local Belarusian authorities had wanted to carry out a security check. 

“We are following the directions of the local authorities who are searching the plane again before departure and carrying out security checks again on
passengers,” an airline spokesman said.

Lufthansa said all luggage and freight had been removed from the aircraft, in which there were 51 people including five crew members.

“We regret the inconvenience for the passengers but the security of our passengers, crew and the plane take top priority at Lufthansa,” the spokesman said.

Soon after Lufthansa released its statement, Minsk airport said on its Telegram channel that “all necessary measures” to check the plane and its
passengers had been completed.

“The information about a terror attack, that was received on the airport’s email, wasn’t substantiated,” it said. “The plane is being readied for take-off, luggage is being loaded, boarding has been announced for Lufthansa flight LH1487 Minsk-Frankfurt.”

The security alert came one day after a Ryanair flight from Athens to Vilnius carrying dissident journalist Roman Protasevich was diverted while in
Belarusian airspace over a supposed bomb threat.

Accompanied by a Belarusian fighter jet on the orders of strongman Alexander Lukashenko, the plane landed in Minsk where Protasevich, a
26-year-old who had been living in Lithuania, was arrested along with his Russian girlfriend.