Lausanne residents demonstrate against Islamophobia

Following the vandalism of Muslim graves at a Lausanne cemetery, more than 500 people joined a demonstration in the city on Wednesday in support of Muslim people.

Lausanne residents demonstrate against Islamophobia
Lausanne. Photo: The Local
Organized by left-wing parties and other associations and bringing together people of all faiths, the demonstration paraded through the town centre, with participants carrying banners saying ‘Stop Islamophobia’.
The event was a response to the vandalism of 15 Muslim graves at the Bois-de-Vaux cemetery at the end of last week. 
Flowers and plants on the graves were removed, grave markers pulled out and anti-Muslim graffiti sprayed on the ground. 
Speaking to news agency ATS, Jorge Lemos from the socialist group SolidaritéS, said the demonstration was necessary “because it is important to condemn these acts.”
“We stand in solidarity with the 30,000 Muslims in this canton,” he added.
Town councillor Oscar Tosato praised the city’s quick response. 
“Defiling the peace of the deceased, whatever their religion, is unacceptable,” he added.