Police evacuate Copenhagen airport terminal after ‘incident’

Danish police temporarily evacuated and blocked off a terminal at Copenhagen airport early Tuesday as they investigated a suspicious piece of luggage, police and airport officials said.

Police evacuate Copenhagen airport terminal after 'incident'
Photo: Martin Sylvest/Scanpix

“Terminal 2 is closed until further notice – police are investigating odd size luggage,” the airport wrote on Twitter.

Airport spokesman Morten Bro told AFP “there has been an incident”, without elaborating.

Copenhagen police meanwhile tweeted: “Police working at Copenhagen Airport and terminal 2 is blocked off, which can lead to traffic problems. Time horizon unknown.”

Terminal 2 is one of two main terminals at the airport, serving both international and domestic flights.

By 9:35am, the airport announced on Twitter that the terminal had been reopened.

The airport also tweeted that congestion and delays were still likely as a result of the temporary closure.

“We expect delays and cancellations as a result,” Bro earlier told AFP.

“We are asking all passengers to follow instructions from the police and security.”

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