More Danes applied for study programmes with best job prospects: ministry

More Danes applied for study programmes with best job prospects: ministry
File photo: Ólafur Steinar Gestsson/Scanpix
More Danes are applying to study subjects in areas where there is a shortage of labour, such as in IT, according to Denmark's Ministry of Higher Science and Education.

The IT University of Copenhagen has seen a 39 percent increase in applicants since last year, giving it the largest spike in first priority applications to higher education institutes, writes the ministry in a press release.

Universities have seen relative increases in applications to healthcare, technical and natural science degrees, including the likes of medicine and engineering, according to a review of this year’s applications.

Minister for education Søren Pind said that he was glad young people had listened to the government’s advice to think about careers when choosing what to study during higher education.

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“I’m pleased by the trend this year, because more people have applied to study in areas where we might need labour in coming years. No disciplines are better than others, but it is a huge benefit for both society and the young people themselves if they can find jobs after they have finished studying,” the minister said in a press statement.

“We have strongly advised applicants [to apply for vocation-related programmes], and it seems as though young people have listened. Young Danes are very sensible. You can quote me on that,” he wrote.

Three percent fewer people overall have applied for higher education than in 2016, according to the figures. Art degrees (26 percent) and Theology (20 percent) both saw significant drops on last year’s applicant numbers.

91,539 people applied for higher education in Denmark prior to the July 5th deadline, reports the ministry.

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