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6 ways to spoil mum without breaking the bank

6 ways to spoil mum without breaking the bank
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Mother’s Day in Switzerland is May 14th! No clue what to get her? We’ve got a few ideas!

It’s the day you celebrate the greatest person you know, she who raised you into the wonderful adult you are today.

Finding a gift worthy of your spectacular mother (or the mother of your child) can really be quite difficult. Then, when you do find it, you might worry you could have overspent, because, well, we’re not all millionaires. Sorry mothers, we still have to live according to budgets.

This is where come in. They compare the prices for literally any product – from health insurance to stuffed animals.

Granted you won’t be buying either of those things for your mother, do have a great range of products to choose from.

Below, a list of 6 products guaranteed to make your mum smile on her special day (in the most cost effective way).

1. Polaroid Snap Touch

There’s something about having a printed photo. Everything’s digital/online nowadays, and let’s be honest, looking through online albums is just not the same as looking through physical ones.

The Polaroid Snap Touch camera does what it says on your tin. With the snap of your fingers you’ll have a little print – and even this can be in colour, black & white or vintage sepia. So you can treasure your lovely memories in physical format.

Don’t worry, the camera also has an (all too important) selfie mode – just don’t turn your mum into selfie addict.

2. JBL GO Bluetooth Speaker

Mums need to let their hair down too. And there is arguably no better way to let ones hair down than to blast ones favourite songs and having a little boogie.

Wireless speakers are all the rage nowadays and JBL’s GO Bluetooth speaker is a pretty good choice out of them all. It’s bluetooth connectivity makes the device very mum friendly, so you might only have to explain it to her once, unlike all other electronics…plus it comes in a range of colours to suit all tastes!

Looks like it’s party time! Just make sure that party comes at the cheapest cost possible with

3. Hugo Boss Ma Vie – Eau de Parfum

When it comes to mums, you can never really go wrong with a perfume.

Developed as a perfume for a ‘strong woman’, this perfume is perfect for mums, and anyway, it’s the easiest way to pamper her because lord knows she deserves it!

The price of perfumes can vary wildly from shop to shop so by using you can be sure you’re getting the best deal. Who said smelling good had to be so expensive?

4. Zoku Popsicle Maker

No matter your age, a popsicle is always a treat.

Zoku’s popsicle maker magically turns liquids into popsicles in as little as 7 minutes and you can put pretty much anything into them, from candy to nuts – the sky’s your limit!

Help your mum turn her favourite vice into a popsicle – maybe a wine popsicle…or a cheesecake popsicle… surely everything tastes better in popsicle form?

5. Nutribullet RX

We’re sure you know what a Nutribullet is – they’ve been in the limelight for quite a while now but they’re not going away any time soon.

They're loved for being easy to clean, their powerful, and of course their ability to turn virtually everything into a pulp (we know that sounds weird but trust us).

All sorts can be made from delicious smoothies and soups to sauces and dips…you name it!

Being the best of its kind out there, shops will hike up the prices, and while they may be worth the cost, there’s no need to dish out more money than necessary. Trust to find you the best deal with minimum fuss.

6. LotusGrill Table Grill

Why is it always dads who are in charge of barbecuing? Let your mum take the reins with the LotusGrill Table Grill  (she was always the better one in the kitchen anyway, right?).

The smokeless fan-assisted charcoal grill is ready to cook within 5 minutes and can feed 10 mouths, because if there’s anything mum’s love, it’s feeding people. 

Treat your mum. She definitely deserves it. But don’t unnecessarily give away your hard earn monies. Use instead.

Like we said, compares the costs of essentially everything. This means future birthdays, Christmas…any celebration that calls for a gift, you’re sorted. No more overspending thanks to!

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