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IN PICTURES: Rome steps back in time to celebrate its 2770th anniversary

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IN PICTURES: Rome steps back in time to celebrate its 2770th anniversary
Thousands of people attended the parades through the city. Photo: Alberto Pizzoli/AFP
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Rome celebrated the 2770th anniversary of the city's founding on Friday, and the big birthday was followed by a weekend of celebrations.

Thousands of people dressed as ancient Romans gathered in the city's streets and squares to mark the anniversary with a parade through the capital.

Here are the best photos of the celebrations.

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 A man takes on the role of Emperor Julius Caesar during the parade. 

Reflections of the parade in a Roman helmet.

A man wears the traditional gladiator costume, including armour and a full-face helmet.

Roman 'soldiers' demonstrate 'The Turtle', an ancient war formation to defend themselves from enemy arrows.

The costumed men and women paraded past ancient monuments including the Colosseum.


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In front of the Altare della Patria in the city centre.


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Women dressed as ancient Roman vestals - priestesses who were afforded significant privileges in the empire in return for taking a vow of chastity and tending to the


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A woman personifying a Roman matron or upper-class woman.

Although lots of women played the part of the vestal virgins, in reality their number was very small: between two and six at a time.

Roman soldiers standing in front of an ancient commander at Circo Massimo.


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A fight is reenacted at the Circo Massimo

A man dressed as a gladiator demonstrates some ancient fighting techniques. 

Round shields known as parmas were used by the Roman army.

A man dressed as a Roman centurion, a Roman army officer. 

Roman centurions in front of the Colosseum. These actors are carrying full-length scutum shields, which replaced the parma.

All photos, unless otherwise stated: Alberto Pizzoli /AFP. 

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Photo: Alberto Pizzoli/AFP


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