Domino’s Pizza to start robot delivery in Germany

The American pizza chain is about to launch its first deliveries via robot for its customers in Germany - no tipping required.

Domino’s Pizza to start robot delivery in Germany
Would you accept a pizza delivery from one of these guys? Photo: Domino's Germany Press Office.

Domino’s Pizza announced that its new delivery robots had begun their “maiden voyage” through Europe, with the first mechanical delivery men rolling through Amsterdam on Wednesday. And customers in neighbouring Germany can expect the super high-tech service next.

“I am monitoring with great interest Domino’s first delivery with a robot in Europe, because we are also already planning the first automated deliveries in Germany,” said Domino’s Germany CEO Karsten Freigang in the announcement.

Handelsblatt reported that the first robots in Germany will be deployed in Hamburg. When this will happen depends on how quickly local authorities grant permission for such vehicles to begin their duties. Domino’s hopes that this will be within the next two months, Handelsblatt states.

The robot delivery system was created in collaboration with European startup Starship Technologies, which was founded by some of Skype’s co-creators. The Swiss national postal service last year also started testing Startship Technologies robots for their own deliveries.

The robots drive around on six wheels, navigating through streets and around small obstacles with the help of their on-board sensors.

The robots can detect the shortest route to a destination and can adapt their speed to the foot traffic of pedestrians around them. If it wants, the robot can reach up to 16 kilometres per hour.

The pizza company already tested delivery robots, as well as delivery drones, in Australia and New Zealand. 

“As market leader worldwide and also here in Germany, we want to make the technology of the future come alive for our customers,” Freigang said.

“Our goal is to always offer the highest quality and the best service.”