DNA links two Swiss killings exactly five years apart

Traces of DNA found at the scene of a double murder in the canton of Bern on December 15th 2015 match those found in the office of a Zurich psychiatrist killed in 2010 – also on December 15th.

DNA links two Swiss killings exactly five years apart
File photo: Bas Leenders
“This is probably the DNA of the perpetrator of the crimes,” Zurich’s public prosecutor said when finally releasing the information in a statement on Thursday.
The DNA match has been kept under wraps until now to avoid jeopardizing the two investigations, said the statement.
However it is now being made public in the hope that someone may come forward with new information.
DNA belonging to an unknown male was found at the scene of the killing of a 56-year-old psychiatrist in her practice in the Seefeld area of Zurich on December 15th 2010.
In 2011 around 300 men were DNA tested by Zurich cantonal police, the first such event of its kind in Switzerland, but no match was found. 
Exactly five years after the Seefeld homicide, a 64-year-old woman and her 74-year-old husband were killed in their home in Laupen, in the canton of Bern. They were found on December 18th, but the crime was shown to have taken place three days earlier, on the 15th.
Police analysis of DNA trace material at the scene uncovered the match with the Seefeld murderer.
“The identical DNA is, for the time being, the only concrete link between the two killings,” said the public prosecutor. The statement did not address the identical date.
Investigators are hoping that releasing news of the link will prompt members of the public to come forward with potentially new information. 
Both cases posted rewards for information leading to the apprehension of the killer – 20,000 francs in the Laupen case and 10,000 for the Seefeld murder – therefore both could be paid out if the unknown killer is caught.
Anyone with information is asked to call Zurich police on 044 247 22 11 or Bern police on 031 634 41 11. 

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American arrested over stabbing attacks in Zurich

Swiss police are looking for people who witnessed the stabbings, which took place at two different locations in Zurich on Wednesday morning.

American arrested over stabbing attacks in Zurich

A 38-year-old American citizen reportedly stabbed two people in districts 5 and 1 one hour apart on Wednesday morning, fleeing after each attack, Zurich police said in a press release.

The first victim, whose injuries were severe enough to require emergency surgery, was stabbed at around 9.45 am on Hardturmstrasse, in the area of the VBZ tram stop Fischerweg.

The second attack occurred on Schweizergasse, near the Pestalozzi facility.

The police didn’t specify what the suspect used to attack his victims, just saying it was a “stabbing weapon.”

Based on witness descriptions, the suspect, whose identity beyond his nationality and age has not been released, was apprehended soon after the second attack and is now under investigation for “serious violent crime.”

It is also not known at this point whether the alleged attacker is a tourist or resident, whether he knew his victims, or what his motives were.

The police are asking anyone who witnessed either of the attacks to call them at (058) 648-4848.