German post service tests out new deliveries by ‘cargo bike’

Apparently German postmen got bored of the traditional mail truck.

German post service tests out new deliveries by 'cargo bike'
If all goes according to plan, you could see more of these speeding through your city. Photo: DPA

German delivery service DHL Express is testing out deliveries using a brand new method – cargo bicycle.

The pilot project launched on Wednesday in Frankfurt and Utrecht in The Netherlands will give postal workers a faster and more environmentally friendly way of handing out parcels and documents.

Due to the growth of online orders and increasing traffic density, DHL spokesman Tobias Wider said it is becoming more challenging for couriers to move their cargo through inner city areas.

The new ‘cubicycles’ can each carry up to 90 packages, and DHL says this could save more than 16 tonnes worth of CO2 emissions in one year.

The devices come from a Swedish manufacturer and are offered online starting at €7,800, according to the Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung.

So far just two cubicycles are in use in Frankfurt. If the two-month test proves positive, DHL plans to use the vehicles in cities like Berlin, Düsseldorf and Stuttgart.