Italian doctor sentenced to jail for sexual abuse

A 64-year-old doctor from northern Italy faces four years in jail for sexual abuse for touching female patients' genitals.

Italian doctor sentenced to jail for sexual abuse
File photo of a gynecological chair: uatp12/Depositphotos

The doctor, Franco Lumachi, reportedly told patients that the use of “therapeutic orgasms” was a new technique developed at Milan University, the Corriere del Veneto reported.

Lumachi, who worked in the Endochrinology and Senology department of a Padua hospital and was also a medical professor, is accused of touching and massaging the genitals of six women between the years 2000 and 2006.

The abuse took place in rooms with dimmed lights and lasted for longer than 20 minutes in some cases, according to Italian media reports.

It first came to light after a 25-year-old patient reported the doctor's unusual techniques in 2006 and he was found guilty of sexual abuse of five women (one case was ruled as non prosecutable) by a regional court in 2011.

Italy's Court of Cassation – the country's highest court – confirmed the guilty verdict on Friday evening and sentenced Lumachi to four years and two months in jail.