Lucerne police: rapist who left victim paralyzed revealed a name

Investigators in the canton of Lucerne have released new information about the man who violently attacked and raped a 26-year-old woman in Emmen in 2015, leaving her paralyzed.

Lucerne police: rapist who left victim paralyzed revealed a name
File photo: Bas Leenders
On Monday the Lucerne public prosecutor made public a detail that has previously been held back from the media – that after the attack, the man told his victim he was called Aron or Aaron, Lucerne police said in a statement.
It is unclear whether that is his real name or an alias, however police are now asking the public if they know of anyone by that name, or going by that name for an artistic endeavour – for example a graffiti artist, painter or singer – who meets the description of the suspect. 
The victim told investigators that her attacker was 170-180cm tall and aged between 19 and 25, with dark skin and curly dark brown hair. He was a smoker and spoke broken German.
The person may have taken an exaggerated interest in this case or may have abruptly disappeared or withdrawn from usual social activity around the time of the attack on July 21st 2015, said police.
The 26-year-old victim was cycling along a path near a forest in Emmen late in the evening when her attacker dragged her from her bicycle, seriously injuring her, and then raped her. 
The woman was so badly injured she is now tetraplegic.
Police launched a large manhunt and issued a 10,000 Swiss francs reward for information leading to the capture of the rapist, but he has still not been found. 
In October 2015 DNA tests were carried out on 371 people to compare against DNA samples found at the crime scene.  
Four further people are due to be tested but are currently abroad, police said. Investigators have requested legal assistance from the countries concerned.
Police also analyzed mobile phone data from 1,863 people, with 32 found to be near the scene of the crime at the time. Thirty of those have undergone DNA testing, with two still to be tested, said the public prosecutor. 
The reward has now been doubled to 20,000 francs for information leading to the arrest of the suspect. 
Anyone with information is asked to call Lucerne police on 041 248 8117 or email [email protected]