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Speak German? Want to work from home? Here’s a job for you

Speak German? Want to work from home? Here’s a job for you
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Looking for work in Germany? Here's an opportunity that just might suit you.

Moving abroad can truly transform your life. You learn about yourself, perhaps learn a new language, adapt to a new culture and lifestyle.

But it can be hard to find work.

Maybe your language skills are a bit rusty. Perhaps there just aren’t enough jobs to go around in your field.

There are a number of obstacles – but if you’re looking for work opportunities in Germany, here are 6 reasons working as an online advertising assessor with Lionbridge might just be perfect for you…

1. You can work from home

Or the local café while scarfing down schnecken, if that suits your fancy.

At Lionbridge you will be working to help improve the quality of internet services. For example, you might be reviewing online ads for quality.

I love working with the ads programme,” says Belinda, who works with Lionbridge from the US. “The ability to work from my home instead of hussling off to an office cubical brings an enjoyable way to work.”

The only things you need to work with Lionbridge are a computer, an Android smartphone and an internet connection. At home, at your mother-in-law’s, at the beach, on a vineyard…the possibilities are endless. No one wants to waste a way in a cubicle anyway.

2. Set your own hours

More time for joie de vivre! That also makes it easier to fit in things like spontaneous lunch with your friends or picking up the kids from nursery.

Working with Lionbridge you are a freelancer or independent contractor, and can choose what hours work best for you. If you only want to work two days a week, go for it. If you’d rather spread out the workload and have a “regular job” to do each morning, that works too!

I love the flexibility that comes with working for Lionbridge,” says Laura, who works with Lionbridge in Germany. “It allows me to make my own schedule, be here when my kids get home from school, and still contribute to our family financially.”

3. Practice your language skills

You do have to be fluent in German for this job, but hey – you’ve been meaning to get more practice anyways, right?

Although you can work from wherever you like, you have to be living in Germany to work with Lionbridge, and you should have lived there for at least three years. If that’s you, welcome!

4. Multi-task

Another nice thing about being an independent contractor is that you can choose what to work with. Think a certain assignment sounds tedious? Don’t take it. On the other hand, if you like to juggle, that works, too!

5. Competitive pay

The pay rates at Lionbridge are good, plus there are no fees for joining. Just remember that as a contractor you are responsible to pay your own taxes.

6. It’s a great transition

Sometimes you just need a little extra work in between jobs, or while you look for something else. We get that. At Lionbridge you if you choose to leave your roles, you just need to give the company one day's notice.

Or as Belinda notes, “Life isn’t always predictable. The flexibility is perfect for me.”

So just like that you can be ready to move on to new things!

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