Police seize roe deer… no, sorry, a limping mink, in grocery store

A roe deer running amok in a grocery store turned out to be a limping mink.

Police seize roe deer… no, sorry, a limping mink, in grocery store
Left, a mink. Right, a roe deer. Photo: AP Photo/Sergei Grits & Johan Nilsson/TT

Police were called out at 12.16pm on Friday to seize the mink who had somehow got into a grocery store on the Nobeltorget square in central Malmö.

“But when we got the call we were actually first told it was a roe deer,” police control room officer Fredrik Bratt told The Local on Friday.

“What caused them to think that I don't know, it may have been a language barrier.”

When police officers arrived at the scene, the store owner had already managed to catch the mink with the help of another customer, by using a shopping basket as a makeshift cage.

“It was in the shopping basket so it was pretty easy to take it with us. It was reportedly slightly injured so we drove it to the animal hospital and hope things will turn out all right for it,” said Bratt.

It is not uncommon to spot wild minks in Malmö, especially around the canal flowing through the southern Swedish city. But one of the store workers told regional newspaper Sydsvenskan that he had never experienced anything like it before. “It is the first time for me we are visited by a mink,” he said.