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Ten crazy Christmas decorations you'd only find in Italy

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Ten crazy Christmas decorations you'd only find in Italy
Photo: Lisa Spinicci/Instagram
08:21 CET+01:00
At Christmas time in Italy, you can expect to see everything from tacky tinsel and glitter along with more traditional decorations including religious nativity scenes.

But some Italians take a more creative approach - because if you don't decorate your tree with Nutella, you're doing it wrong.

Here's a look at some of the most weird and wonderful festive decorations you'd only ever find in Italy. 

1. Hot priests 

One sure sign that Christmas is coming in Rome is that the street kiosks start selling the newest copy of the Calendario Romano, known in Rome as the 'hot priests calendar'. Make sure you pick up the 2017 edition! (Don't know what we're talking about? Read this.)


A photo posted by Pablo Muñoz (@nakfear) on

2. Nutella

Forget the usual baubles and tinsel - decorating the house with Nutella jars is the top festive trend for 2016. Maybe.


A photo posted by Lauren (@laurenmoseley1) on


3. The tree 

Where else would you find a Christmas tree made entirely of wine bottles?


A photo posted by Antica Dogana (@antica.dogana) on



A photo posted by Lisa Spinicci (@lisina8) on

Or if that doesn't appeal, what about a salami Christmas tree?


A photo posted by Laura Shadden (@opusitaly) on

4. Creative decorations

It turns out wine glasses make excellent Christmassy centrepieces.



A photo posted by MichelaItaly 24(@michelleeee_92) on

5. Witches

If you've been to Italy around the festive season, you might be confused at the popularity of witch-themed decorations. No, the Italians haven't got confused between Christmas and Halloween; this is Befana, a staple of the holidays in Italy - read more about her here.

6. Babbo Natale

Don't expect Italian Santa to arrive in a sleigh...


A photo posted by Alessietta © (@alessietta_75) on


Instead of climbing down a chimney, he might abseil down the side of a 13th-century palace (this is Palazzo Re Enzo in Bologna).


A photo posted by Anto (@__.antonella._) on

7. Inventive nativities

Here we have two Italian Christmas traditions in one: a presepe (nativity scene) carved into a panettone (Italian Christmas cake).


A photo posted by Kaila Dragon (@lil_kaila) on

Alternatively, here's a minimalist grappa nativity (it's probably a better likeness after drinking some of the contents...)


A photo posted by gianpaolotonani (@gipy75) on

8. Ice cream at Christmas? Only in Italy.


Christmas decorations #

kl inItaly #torino #gelati #visitItaly #italia #nightlight


A photo posted by Rocío Aguilar (@caleidoscope_eyes77) on

9. A twist on the advent calendar

Chocolate advent calendars aren't as popular in Italy as in the UK and US, but in Milan there's an even better countdown to the big day. Each day in Piazza Duomo, a new window opens to reveal a musician giving a live performance, culminating in a show by a  24-piece orchestra on Christamas Eve.


A photo posted by Micol Colangelo (@micotalacaota) on

10. Festive coffee

And finally, you know you're in Italy when even your morning coffee wishes you a Merry Christmas.

A photo posted by Federica Statzu (@federauhl_) on



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