The many things that can ‘only happen in France’ (according to Twitter)

Some things can only happen in France, and Twitter users have taken note.

The many things that can 'only happen in France' (according to Twitter)
Photo: FlawThrill/Twitter

We've scoured the social media site for some of the best examples – often including pictures too – of things that can happen #OnlyInFrance. 

And some of them only in rural France, it seems.

Of course, many of the hashtags were on the topic of food, and featured everything from macarons for your pets…

… to French people's affinity for cheese, and bread, and pastry…

… especially cheese. 

… and especially camembert it seems…

… and the fact that you can buy mustard by the glassful…

And who could forget the famed baguette…

Which people get creative when it comes to transporting…

And if it's not in a back pocket, it's in a vending machine, apparently. 

Several took pleasure in the fact cider is often served in mugs (or “tea cups”)…
And that you can get wine in little cartons, perfect for packed lunches.
And special bags to make your Croque Monsieur (cheese and ham toastie).
One person noted France's often strange pricing for its trains.
And it seems politicians' peculiar love lives are something particular to France as well.
And so are street protests by all kinds of trade unions.
All kinds indeed…
Many Twitter users were apparently aware of France's worrying smoking addiction and how it took form in daily life.

Very worrying, it seems…

A real addiction… 

And yes, France hasn't quite embraced vegetarianism yet (but it's getting there). 

Maybe one day…

But restaurants do know the value of conversation and food over surfing the web.

Meanwhile, fashion made an appearance…

Or two..

Elsewhere we found some foul play when it comes to using the tu form for “you” or the more polite vous.

The fact that dogs are welcome in bars and restaurants was an #OnlyInFrance moment too. 

… But hey, it's been happening for years…

The classic French game of pétanque and its sometimes quite serious players didn't escape attention of the Twittersphere… 

Public displays of affection were another topic that people associated with the French. 

And so were penis baguettes, of course. 

And lastly, what kind of #OnlyInFrance list would be complete without some cunning wordplay…?

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In Pictures: The Paris theatre show that forced the audience to strip naked

It might seem like a cruel joke on one of the coldest nights of the year, but French naturists are in the pink over the success of a Paris play the audience had to strip to see. Warning: This article contains nudity.

In Pictures: The Paris theatre show that forced the audience to strip naked
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Undeterred by chilling name of the venue, the Palace of Ice, nudists shed their winter woolies to watch the farce sending up those who object to their lifestyle.

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The one-off show, about a brother and sister who find themselves on opposing sides of prickly social issues, was the first all-nude show in a major venue in the French capital.

The producers insisted that the audience must strip off to see the play, and that everyone must bring their own towel – for hygiene reasons.

VIPs, however, were provided with their own microfibre seat covering.

“Nu et approuvé”, which translates as nude and approved, is a play on words of a formula commonly used in France for signing official documents.

The squabbling siblings “have to drop their masks and bare all to find a more relaxed common ground.”

Nudists gave the show the thumbs up. “I really enjoyed it,” one middle-aged woman told AFP, while Amato said it was important because “it is a way for us also get to talk about our lifestyle and our needs.

“We need to break the social codes to be ourselves in a place like this and have a good time,” he said.

Naturists have been pushing to make their lifestyle more mainstream in Paris, with stand-up comedy nights, naked museum visits and a dedicated nudist zone in the city's biggest park.

However, the French capital's first nudist restaurant, O'Naturel, will close next month because it could not put enough bums on seats.