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7 ways Comparis makes shopping in Switzerland easier

7 ways Comparis makes shopping in Switzerland easier
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Shopping in a foreign country is tricky business.

And it often feels virtually impossible to know whether you’re getting the best value for your money. What to do as an expat when you don’t necessarily know where to find everything?

Enter – the Swiss market comparison site that can help you save money on every purchase in 2017.

Not that it’s limited to shopping by any means! can also help you compare insurance premiums, mortgages, and even pensions. But let’s take a closer look at why the price comparison service is the easiest way to shop this holiday season…

1. They compare everything. Seriously…

Like we said. From pet insurance and personal loans to groceries and mobile phones, really does find the best deals for pretty much anything you could possibly need or want.   

In the market for stocking stuffers? Got ‘em. Towers of toys, gadgets galore, home appliance heaven –  even insurance premiums and telecom rates. So whether you’re after a well-priced wrapped gift or bargain birthday presents, is the place to go before handing over your hard-earned cash!  

2. It’s expat friendly

German skills aren’t up to scratch? French a tad rusty?

Thanks to, you don’t need to miss out on all the best deals and promotions in the Swiss market.

Even though is a Swiss company that compares prices across the Swiss market, their site is available in English – helping expats to save on all their Swiss shopping too. 

Also, check out their Moving to Switzerland section for extra tips and information on life in Switzerland, including a personal moving planner for those making the move in the near future!

3. Unbeatable prices

We’ve all been there. You make that big investment or special purchase – thinking you’ve bagged a bargain – only to find the exact same product for an even better price just moments later. It’s a gut-wrenching experience, and one that’s also all too common for even the savviest of online shoppers.  

Using, you won’t have to fear feeling cheated by the market again. They compare prices from more than 50 online shops in Switzerland, meaning you can stay abreast of all the top deals and offers around. Rest assured knowing that you found not just a great price, but the best price.

4. Trustworthy – Neutral – Independent.

Sometimes it seems everyone has an ulterior motive. But has neither an affiliation with a store nor an association with a provider – they only care about finding the best prices for you. They cherish independence, and the neutrality of their comparisons and ratings, as the utmost principle of their business.

Nor are experts at afraid to call foul-play if they detect unfair rates that might deceive consumers. As a matter of fact, some providers have had to revise their offers in the past following public criticism from

5. Quality Reviews  

You’ve finally found what looks to be the perfect gift – but how do you know if it’s actually any good?

With Comparis’ expert reviews, you can be sure that you’re not only getting the best value for money, but also the best quality.

The test review section analyses thousands of user reviews, generating a reliable score out of five for the product’s usability, design, reliability, size, and price. This score is then compared to the average rating for other similar products, ensuring you settle only for the best. 

6. Advent calendar

All year round you can find special offers on But this season there’s something extra special. After all, the run-up to Christmas wouldn't be the same without an advent calendar! has its very own advent calendar, giving you something to look forward to every day. Behind each door is a quiz question and a chance to win a prize – there are vouchers, gadgets, appliances and other surprises up for grabs. Worth checking out!

7. Easy-to-use website

Online shopping can be stressful enough without messy websites and confusing layouts. They’re well aware of this over at

The website is clean, and user-friendly – with clearly labelled categories making it easy to navigate around the site and to quickly find the service or product you need.

The hassle-free comparison service immediately brings you the best prices from across the Swiss market. 

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