Vienna police exercise prepares response to terror attack

Vienna police exercise prepares response to terror attack
Members of the Cobra unit. Photo: Wikimedia
Expect to see plenty of police and special forces officers in Vienna on Friday 14th, as a terror training exercise is planned.

Police teams from the WEGA paramilitary unit and Cobra counter-terrorism unit as well as bomb specialists will be deployed together with staff from four different medical and rescue organisations as part of a training exercise involving a bomb threat scenario. 

Authorities have issued a warning in advance to avoid causing panic when people notice an increased police presence on the streets. The area where the terror exercise will take part has not been revealed, but it will be closed off to the public.  

“London, Madrid, Paris, Brussels – Europe has not just been a focus for international terrorism, but recent incidences in France and Belgium have shown that terrorists are increasingly appearing without warning. The police in Vienna will be prepared in the event of any emergency,” a statement from the police department said.

Apart from a higher police presence than usual in some areas of the city, life should be as normal – with no planned road closures or police searches. For more information on the day, follow the Vienna police department Twitter account (@LPDWien).