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Is this Sweden's coolest ever graduation dash?

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Is this Sweden's coolest ever graduation dash?
Photo: Private
07:30 CEST+02:00
A class of Swedish high school graduates have wowed the nation with their perfectly choreographed twist on an age-old tradition.

Dance pupils at the Södra Latin school in Stockholm marked their last ever day there on Friday with a jubilant dance routine set against a backdrop of DJ Khaled’s club hit All I Do Is Win. 

The pupils performed the dance as part of their ‘utspring’, the old Swedish tradition of dashing out of the school building on the day of graduation. 

Ida Keszler caught the moment on camera. 

“My Instagram has gone crazy,” she told The Local after her clip was viewed almost 10,000 times on the photo-sharing platform. 

One of the choreographers, Emilia Berglind, added: 

“People are calling it Sweden’s coolest ever dash."

Photo: Private

She and two of her classmates were inspired by the previous year’s dance class, who had done something similar. 

“We wanted to make ours a bit more powerful.”

It didn’t take long to put together. The graduating trio prepared the moves in 20 minutes and the class practised for another 40 minutes. 

“Everyone in the class is really pleased it’s got so much attention. We didn't expect this at all.”

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Photo: Private



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