Couple arrested in Spain over graveyard ‘voodoo’ love ritual

Police detained a man and a woman on suspicion of desecrating a grave in Alicante cemetery with the purpose of carrying out a cult ritual to strengthen their relationship.

Couple arrested in Spain over graveyard 'voodoo' love ritual
Alicante cemetery. Photo: Paco Cameo / Flickr

The alarm was raised when cemetery staff on the morning of Saturday February 13th discovered a tomb had been broken open and parts of a corpse scattered across the crowd.

Among the bones were two voodoo dolls tied together, a candle and some piles of rice, beans, sweetcorn and noodles as well as two small plastic cups filled with rum, according to the Alicante-based Diario InformaciĆ³n.

A 37-year-old man and a 34-year-old woman were arrested and admitted that they had carried out a dawn ritual intended to “break the bond” between the woman and her ex-partner so that the couple could be happy together.

National Police said that the man was a follower of Santeria, an Afro-Caribbean religion based on Yoruba beliefs and traditions that draws on Roman Catholic elements.

It is the second case of desecration in Alicante cemetery since the start of the year. In early January, municipal staff discovered a tomb had been broken into and a the skull removed and placed on top of the coffin with a candle at its feet. Staff suspect that incident to be a prank.

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