Terror makes Danish firm search for new name

Terror makes Danish firm search for new name
The Danish food company Isis makes a line of sugar-free foods. Photos: Isis/Facebook
The Danish food producer Isis have launched a Facebook competition to change its name due to negative associations in the wake of the Paris attacks.

The Danish food company Isis is currently in the process of changing its name in an effort to prevent any negative associations with the Islamic State, which is often referred to as IS, ISIS or ISIL.

The announcement came after the Paris attacks that occurred on Friday, which resulted in the deaths of at least 132 people at the hands of terrorists associated with the Islamic extremist group.

The food company Isis, founded in 1993 and best known for its sugar-free ice cream, has been considering a name change for a while, but is still yet to decide on a new company brand.

“The weekend's events stressed the importance of the fact that we are working very hard to get away from the unfortunate associations that our name can create,” Isis wrote on its Facebook page, launching a competition for the public to have a hand in finding a new name for the food company.

The winner of the award will be given a year’s supply of Isis products, which by then will not have a name associated with extreme terror and sadness. So far there have been well over 1,000 suggestions for a new name by Facebook users.

Isis is headquartered just outside of Aarhus in Åbyhøj, and exports its products to many other European countries. The company has a broad range of products that offer a healthier option to typically unhealthy snacks such as ice cream, chocolate and biscuits. As their website states “Isis wants to help people on their way to a more healthy lifestyle.”

The name Isis originates from the Danish name for ice cream, is, and its company structure known as a interessentskab, which is abbreviated I/S. Hence the name Isis was born, unbeknownst to the company that its creation would later become synonymous with terrorism.

The Danish company is not the first to feel the effects of the Islamic State on its company name. The British private equity company, Isis Equity Partners, earlier this year made the decision to change its name to Living Bridge.