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Ten amazing Swedish songs for November

Ten amazing Swedish songs for November
Rebecca & Fiona, whose track, Sayonara, is one of our songs of the month. Photo: Facebook
The Local's music guru, Paul Connolly, offers up his top selection of Swedish tracks for you to stream or download to cheer up your November.

1. Rebecca & Fiona – Sayonara

Rebecca & Fiona have been nibbling at the crust of success for four years now – the elegant and addictive Sayonara should see them finally take a big bite of the whole fame sandwich, in Sweden at least.

2. Pale Honey – Over Your Head

This Gothenburg two-piece's sparse indie rock is reminiscent of early PJ Harvey and Breeders but gives the formula a sharp melodic twist. They're making inroads in France and America too.

3. Niki & The Dove – Play It On My Radio

Wow, the spirit of Fleetwood Mac is flourishing in Stockholm. This, quite simply, sounds like a lost 80s FM radio classic.

4. Miike Snow – Heart Is Full

Two thirds of Miike Snow are Bloodshy & Avant, the songwriting/producer team who have worked with Britney Spears (they wrote Toxic), Katy Perry and others. This well-upholstered, funky pop soul gem is further evidence of their songwriting chops.

5. Canvas – Another Time (feat. Andrew Montgomery)

Canvas are Swedish brothers Andreas and Robin Schulz, who have a background in punk rock. Another Time, a joyous breeze of electronica, could hardly be less punk rock. The lush vocals are provided by Andrew Montgomery, formerly of British band Geneva.

6. Miriam Bryant – Dragon

The strength of Swedish pop music is highlighted by Miriam Bryant's inability to break through – Dragon is terrific, melodramatic pop that should be huge but the competition is just too tough. For now, that is.

7. Duvchi – Unfamiliar Love

While the likes of Avicii and Galantis clamber all over global dance charts, Jens “Duvchi” Duvsjö is proof that Swedish dance music isn't all surface glitz. Unfamiliar Love's fluid beauty is utterly captivating.

8. Raise – Find U (feat. Karoline Westberg)

This gorgeous chilled house track is the work of Swedish producer and songwriter Rassmus Bjornson. Enjoy it now before a vast, pedal-to-the-metal remix (it's only a matter of time) makes it a global hit.

9. Navet – Fever Dreams

Glorious, big-chorused electronic pop of the type that Swedes seem able to write in their sleep.

10. Club 8 – Skin

Club 8's brand of dark, melodic pop is huge in Japan, South America and, oddly enough, Indonesia.

Watch all the videos in one go here or listen to the Spotify playlist here.