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The online MBA with campus and community

The online MBA with campus and community
EU Online MBA students listen to guest lecturer Kumar Barua at the on-campus week in Munich in March 2015. Photo: EU Business School
Can there really be an 'online campus'? And can you make a top-notch MBA accessible anywhere in the world? The Local speaks with Dr. James Mulli, Director of Online Programmes at EU Business School, for answers.

Few would disagree that campus life is one of the most exciting and rewarding parts of higher education. Students socialize, network, and bounce ideas off one another, allowing them to study, laugh, and learn together.

But in a globalised world where the best companies and the best education stretches across borders, can the values of campus life be maintained?

At EU Business School – a triple-accredited, multi-campus, international business school – the answer is clear.

“Absolutely,” says Dr. James Mulli, the school's Director of Online Programmes. “We are a campus in all aspects possible.”

“Business students attend an institution for three primary reasons: expertise of the faculty, networking with other students, and the social element,” Mulli adds. “And we are able to provide all of these aspects.”

EU Business School’s Online MBA is a blended experience that has the same structure as the full-time MBA programme, normally completed in three 10-week terms. Students are guided by academics who are also active business people working at the forefront of international companies.

In addition to small, dynamic classes offered in English, students at the school also enjoy an international environment while getting the best of both North American and European academic curricula – no matter where they are in the world.

“The online campus is geared towards those students who are unable to meet the geographical conditions – things like visas, travel, and housing. Whatever those conditions may be, we are able to bridge that gap.”

Dr. James Mulli, Director of Online Programmes at EU Business School

The online programme at the EU Business School also means the student body is much more diverse than at a traditional school. While most of the students at a traditional campus tend to come from the surrounding area, EU Business School is truly global.

“We have the ability to reach students all over the world,” says Mulli. “We have students from New Zealand, Mongolia, South America, Panama, Mexico, Chile, Africa, all over Europe, Canada, USA, students working in oil companies, the fashion industry in Paris, and all over Eastern and Central Europe.”

The programme has a well-developed social aspect as well.

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“Our students engage with each other in all the forums of social media, and we really have a virtual community where students interact on a daily basis,” Mulli says. “And then when we do have campus events and they meet, they already know each other. One student said it’s like a giant blind date.”

The programme’s structure also creates the opportunity to hand-pick professors from across the global elite, providing extra opportunities for both students and faculty without requiring them to give up their positions elsewhere.

“We have professors from the US, Germany, all over Europe, the Americas, and Asia Minor,” Mulli says. “We look for individuals who are in reputable universities, so that they can bring their institutional values to our campus. We emphasize academic experience, meaning professors have published and are well-known in their fields of expertise.”

Mulli also points out that the school offers much more than online education. The online campus is just one of many campuses at EU Business School – and students have access to all of them.

“We have campuses in Geneva, Barcelona, and Munich, and students have access to those physical campuses as well,” he says.

The school has a rotational campus visitation element, allowing students to travel to the various campuses for exams, networking, and seminars.

EU Business School launched the Online MBA in 2012

“At the end of each term there is an option for students to take part in on-campus based events,” Mulli explains. “They also get the chance to visit institutions, corporations, factories…places like the HP Innovation Centre in Geneva or the brewery in Munich.”

The events also feature guest speakers who are renowned leaders in business, and are invited in these campus weeks to meet the students and engage with them directly.

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In short, the programme not only presents an accessible opportunity for a global education – it also creates equal opportunity for hard-workers.

“We’re not replacing traditional education – but we are eliminating the back row,” Mulli explains.

Moreover, study after study has demonstrated the values of online education.

“For students who may be introverts or challenged by language, this is a better option,” he says. “In a face-to-face environment you can’t hit rewind, but we record all the lectures students are involved in and you can listen to courses as often as you want. They can also engage with their peers at their own pace.”

Upon completion of the programme, students of the Online MBA earn a full and equal Master of Business Administration degree from EU Business School – and have a new global network of friends and a top-notch degree. Participants also have the chance to obtain a UK state-recognized degree awarded by the University of Roehampton.

“Being confined in four walls doesn’t mean you’re going to learn more,” Mulli says. “Our online programme makes business education affordable, accessible, and global.”

This article was produced by The Local and sponsored by EU Business School.