92-yr-old absconds from nursing home with lover

The search for a 92-year-old woman who vanished from a old people's home in Norway has been called off after it turned out she had absconded with her Swedish lover.

92-yr-old absconds from nursing home with lover
The Vilberg nursing home in Eidsvold. Photo: Eidsvoll Municipality
The management at Vilberg old people's home  in Eidsvold, north of Oslo, alerted the local police when nurses discovered the 92-year-old’s walking frame abandoned in the car park. 
She was later found to have driven to Stockholm along with her Swedish boyfriend, who at 87, is five years younger than her. 
“This is really a touching love story,” Janka Holstad, who runs the home, told the local Eidsvold Ullensaker newspaper. “Imagine not being able to go on a romantic holiday just because you’re past 90. The lady did nothing illegal, but she caused some uneasiness for us, because she never announced she was leaving.” 
The old lady has now spent ten days at her boyfriend's house just outside Stockholm. According to Holstad, she has maintained a relationship with the man since before she entered to the home. 
She plans to return to Vilberg on the weekend. 


Anna, 105, offered spot in Swedish preschool

A 105-year-old Swedish woman was surprised recently when she received a letter explaining she had been offered a spot at a local preschool class.

Anna, 105, offered spot in Swedish preschool

Anna Eriksson, 105, lives in a nursing home near Tierp in eastern Sweden, about 130 kilometres north of Stockholm.

But the Swedes’s three-digit age didn’t stand in the way of her receiving a letter recently from the Central School in Tierp, letting her know the school had a spot for her in a class of children due to turn six next year.

The school’s principal, Marinna Eriksson (no relation) confirmed for the local Upsala Nya Tidning (UNT) newspaper that Anna had received the letter, as had more than 60 other local children.

“The addresses for everyone born in ’07 were included in complete lists we received from the population registry,” Marianna Eriksson told UNT.

When the labels were placed on the letters, however, no one happened to notice that one was addressed to the nursing home of Anna Eriksson, who is also born in ´07 – 1907, that is.

“Her daughter got in touch and she and I both thought it was pretty funny. The two of them and I could see the humour in what happened,” the principal said.

She added that the centenarian is more than welcome to come by the school for an open house for the families of prospective students.

“It would be fun if Anna Eriksson wanted to come here to meet the school’s leadership and have coffee,” Marinna Eriksson told UNT.

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