Police extract ‘snake’ from salad bowl

Police in Darmstadt were called out on an unusual emergency on Wednesday afternoon. A young woman had called in after finding what appeared to be a snake in her salad.

Police extract 'snake' from salad bowl
Snakes - never welcome dinner guests. Shutterstock

The police report described it as a case that “would stay in their memory forever.”

A young woman called in after her mother found an “animal” in the wash basin as she cleaned some salad she had bought at the supermarket.

The animal was between five and six-cm long, able to swim and looked like a snake, said the caller.

Unfortunately she couldn't send a picture as her internet connection was down.

The police sent a deployment out to the house to investigate further.

After assessing the situation, the officers caught the animal, took it outside and released it into the wild.

It turned out to be an ordinary garden worm.

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