Orange set to ditch name in rebranding exercise

Orange, Switzerland’s third-ranked telecom company, announced on Tuesday that it is changing its name under a rebranding exercise likely to cost tens of millions of francs as it scrambles to catch up to its competitors, market leader Swisscom and Sunrise.

Orange set to ditch name in rebranding exercise

The name change is set to be unveiled on April 23rd, the company said while announcing what it called “solid” financial results for 2014.

Orange’s revenues rose 1.9 percent to 1.3 billion francs from the previous year, while its total number of customers increased 0.9 percent to 2,166,000.

But Johan Andsjö, CEO of Orange Switzerland, acknowledged the company, which came under new ownership when it was acquired in February by French billionaire entrepreneur Xavier Niel, faced challenges in 2014.

After switching IT systems in the first quarter the company has had to work hard to “regain ground versus our competitors”, Andsjö said in a statement.

“The next logical step is change the brand to further develop the company together with our new owner,” he said.

“We started preparing ourselves more than a year ago and our ambition with the rebranding is to keep the things customers tell us they love, to improve the things they tell us to improve and to bring innovations to simplify their ever more mobile lives.”

Under a deal announced in December 2014 and finalized last month, Niel’s holding company NJJ Capital acquired Orange Switzerland for 2.9 billion francs from funds managed by UK-based Apax Partners.

One of the reasons for the name change is the telecom, which was once a subsidiary of France Télécom, reportedly pays 20 million francs annually for the right to use the name Orange.

But the rebranding exercise itself is likely to be an expensive proposition.

Thomas Sieber, the former head of Orange Switzerland told the Tages Anzeiger newspaper that an estimate for rebranding done for the company in 2012 came to 40 million francs.

Orange encourages customers to follow the rebranding exercise on a dedicated website that features a video of Andsjö talking — in English — about the change billed as “a new chapter in our history”.

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Because phone and internet packages are so expensive here compared to the rest of the EU, we have taken a look at recent data from FACUA-Consumers in Action, who analysed offers from 24 different mobile phone companies between April 6th and 7th to find the best deals. 

For those who need calls more than data

The following deals are for people who want unlimited calls, but don’t need the rate to include data. The cheapest deals are €6.50 with Xenet, €6.89 with Suop, and €6.90 for Global and Finetwork. Other options with just 5 GB of data per month are Finetwork and Hits Mobile at €6.90, Global at €6.95 and Digi at €7. The most expensive offer in this category for just 3GB per month is Yoigo for €14.

For those who from 20GB of data per month

If you need more data, you might want to look at packages and companies offering deals of 20GB or more. The lowest price per month in this category is Xenet offering 30GB €10.50, conversely, the most expensive offer in this category with the same number of GB is Yoigo at €29. This represents a difference in price of 176 percent.

Other companies which offer great deals for more GBs are MasMovil at €13.90 and Simyo at €14, each for 20GB. Virgin also offers a €14 tariff, but for 25GB instead of €20. R and Telecable also stand out for their offers of 30GB for €16 per month.

For those who want 40GB and above

For those who need a lot of data e.g. 40GB and above, Xenet again comes out on top at just €14 for 50GB. The same company also charges €15 for 60GB, €17 for 90GB and €21 for 250GB.

For €20 per month, Euskaltel offers 50GB and Digi offers 40GB.

For those who want unlimited data

Movistar, Vodafone, Orange, Yoigo and Digi all have packages with unlimited data with prices that vary a lot. The cheapest companies in this category are Digi at €25 per month and Yoigo at €35.

Next is Vodafone’s offer at €32.99, however, the only condition is that the speed is limited to 2Mbps. The same company charges €47.99 for the maximum speed of 5GB.

Movistar and Orange also offer unlimited data for €39.95 and €35.99 respectively.

Things to keep in mind

This data is based on final conditions and does not take into account special promotions where a lower monthly fee may be applicable for the first few months only. Promotional rates have been included only if they last a year or more.

FACUA recommends that when choosing a mobile tariff with unlimited calls, you should not only have to take into account the number of GB that it includes and the fixed monthly price, but also the quality of the operator’s network and its customer service. It is also important to check what coverage companies have in your area. 

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