Three jailed for beating Spanish DJ to death

Three foreigners in their 20s are in jail after being convicted of killing a 37-year-old Spanish DJ in the town of Saint Maurice in the canton of Valais more than two years ago.

Three jailed for beating Spanish DJ to death
Rhône River at Saint Maurice. Photo: Flobert/Wikimedia Commons

The DJ was beaten up by the men, who thought he had marijuana, and left to die by the shores of the Rhône River on January 27th 2013.

The ringleader of the group, a Kosovo man whose brother is currently serving a 10-year prison term, was jailed by a Martigny court for eight years for murder through recklessness and robbery, 20 Minutes reported on Monday.

The court sentenced a Frenchman to five and a half years behind bars and a Portuguese man to five years in prison for their roles in the killing.

A fourth man, also from Portugal, was found innocent of any role in the victim’s death.

 The culprits were arrested eight months after the killing.

The court heard that the Kosovar began the attack on the Spaniard, who weighed just 51 kilograms, with a kick to the neck that was followed by repeated kicks and punches from the group.

The victim implored his attackers too stop but they continued before robbing him of valuables and fleeing the scene.

The three jailed men face expulsion from Switzerland once the appeal process is exhausted, 20 Minutes said.

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Ambulance crew attacked after road-rage killing

An 18-year-old was shot dead in the suburbs of Rome last night following a ‘road rage’ row, La Stampa reported.

Ambulance crew attacked after road-rage killing
The shooting of an 18-year-old sparked attacks on ambulance staff. Photo: AlvaBeem/Wikicommons

An ambulance crew was then attacked by an angry crowd of onlookers on their arrival at the scene in the San Basilio suburb, leaving one ambulance driver with a fractured shoulder.

Moreno Coppi was shot in the head by 32-year-old Maurizio Alletto after their cars collided, the paper said. Coppi had been driving with his father, Luciano, who tried to intervene.

A 25-year-old man was also taken to hospital with stab wounds.

Rome’s new mayor Ignazio Marino released a statement saying “we cannot accept such serious incidents to occur in our city, especially when men and women, who provide assistance to those in need, are brutally attacked.”

Nicola Zingaretti, the president of the Lazio region, has called for an investigation into the incident.

Livio De Angelis, the director of the 188 emergency services, said he was outraged by the attack on ambulance staff.

"I ​​can’t understand how anyone could hate those trying to save a life,” he said.

La Stampa described San Basilio, in Rome's eastern suburbs, as an area of "drug dealers, convicts and decent people, who can only afford to live there for a roof over their heads."