Italian skier dies in Alps after 500-metre fall

A 57-year-old Italian man died after falling 500 metres down a cliff while skiing in the Vicosoprano mountain area of the canton of Graubünden, police said on Sunday.

Italian skier dies in Alps after 500-metre fall
The accident occurred above the village of Vicosoprano, viewed here. Photo: Roland Zumbühl/PicSwiss

The incident occurred on Saturday afternoon as the victim and three other backcountry skiers were travelling from Nasciarina to a 3,046-metre Alpine peak called Cima da Splüga, cantonal police said.

One of the group slipped as they travelled in the direction of Valun dal Largh and as a result the victim also slipped and ended up falling 500 metres to his death.

The Rega emergency rescue helicopter service recovered the man’s body at an altitude of 1,950 metres, police said.

For safety reasons, Rega also evacuated the three other members of the group off the mountain.

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