School evacuated after stink-bomb attack

Fire services searched a school premises in Wuppertal and 25 children were taken to hospital on Tuesday after a teacher reported a “chemical smell” – but it later turned out to be a harmless stink bomb.

School evacuated after stink-bomb attack
Photo: DPA

The state of emergency took place at the Friedrich Bayer Middle School in Wuppertal Cronenberg, near Düsseldorf, on Tuesday afternoon.

The emergency services turned up fully equipped to deal with a large disaster. Bild reports that “a large number of operations vehicles” were present at the scene.

“It was a difficult operation,” a spokesperson for the Wuppertal fire services told The Local. “In total we had to evacuate 2,300 students from the school.

"Of these 180 were treated after reported sickness. 25 were transported to hospital. That was not easy.”

The spokesperson said that a total of 150 firefighters were involved in the operation.

The fire services evacuated the entire building and treated the supposedly injured people before conducting an examination of the suspicious substance. Finally, word came out that the panic was over – it was only a stink bomb.

Bild speculates that mischievous students set off the bomb in the hope of that its unbearable smell would lead to the cancellation of their afternoon classes.

According to the fire services, all students who reported suffering under the effects of the substance have subsequently made a full recovery.

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