Headshot victim absconds from hospital

Headshot victim absconds from hospital
Photo: APA
A Serbian man has absconded from hospital, just two weeks after being shot in the head by his brother outside a Billa supermarket in Vienna.

According to a report in the Kronen Zeitung newspaper the 31-year-old man slipped out of Meidling hospital after morning rounds on Saturday. Police told the Austria Press Agency on Sunday that they were looking for a patient who was connected to the shooting.

He was shot on the evening of February 24th in Purkytgasse, Liesing, and had to be put in an artificial coma whilst doctors operated on his head injury.

His 35-year-old brother, named as Zarko J., shot him after the pair argued. Zarko J. had been in prison for robbery but had been transferred to a psychiatric hospital in Amstetten in January after he was deemed to be a suicide risk. However he escaped from the hospital and moved into an apartment belonging to his brother’s wife.

He was arrested two days after the shooting. Police said that the brothers had been fighting because the older sibling refused to move out of the apartment. Zarko J. told police that he had been planning to move abroad. He was found with drugs, a bag full of mobile phones and €22,000 in cash.

The younger brother was not under police observation, although he was found with a Glock pistol which had been stolen in a robbery in Wiener Neustadt. He told police he had bought it at a flea market.