Bayern accidentally snub Saudi prince at dinner

Bayern Munich has drawn the ire of Saudi prince and Al-Hilal football club owner Abdulrahman bin Musaid after members of his team were turned away from what was supposed to be a joint dinner with the German players, Bild reported on Tuesday.

Bayern accidentally snub Saudi prince at dinner
Prince Abdulrahman bin Musaid with Bayern coach Pep Guardiola. Photo : DPA

The Saudi team was prevented from entering the banquet hall where they were supposed to have dinner together with their German counterparts after a test game on Saturday in Riyadh, where Bayern won 4:1 against Al-Hilal.

“This is shameless and unacceptable, my team was barred from entry. It was confirmed to us that we would have dinner together”, Bild quoted the fuming prince.

The prince and the scorned Saudis left the stadium in a huff, with Bayern only realizing when it was “too late”.

Bayern's media director Markus Hörwick said the football team's social misstep was a big misunderstanding.

“We waited for team in the (banquet) hall,” he said. “As guests we could not influence access permissions where we were.”

Bild said Bayern could understand Al-Hilal's displeasure and plans to apologise again officially to the prince and his players.