Can you pass the Spanish citizenship test?

Can you pass the Spanish citizenship test?
Have you got what it takes to pass the Spanish citizenship test? Football fans: Shutterstock
With judges around Spain setting more and more difficult 'citizenship tests', would you be able to answer questions difficult enough to stump even Spaniards? Read on to find out.

Foreigners hoping to attain Spanish citizenship are increasingly being set questions to test their 'cultural knowledge' of the country.

Under Spanish law, foreigners do not have to be tested, but judges in regions, such as Barcelona, have decided to test newcomers to assess their level of integration.

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The tests are not standardized, which means people can be asked questions of wildly varying difficulty and relevance to their citizenship application, on subjects such as geography, history, culture and language.

There are even trick questions.

This has angered some lawyers, who say applicants are regularly failing the exam, which can have a severe impact on whether or not they are granted nationality.

For Olga Hernández, member of the Catalan Association of Immigration Professionals (ACPE), who has compiled a list of over 200 questions to help immigrants pass the test, the exams are unfair, "I would like to know if a Spaniard could pass this test", she told El País this week. 

But how would you fare? The Local has compiled eight sample questions so you can find out. And don't worry, each question is followed by the answer.

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