Norway tops study of web-savvy countries

Norway has ranked as the sixth most connected country in the world and the fifth in Europe, said a recent study.

Norway tops study of web-savvy countries
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Norway was one of the world's most connected nations in the International Telecommunications Union's annual information society report, which showed that over three billion people are now online across the world.

Denmark ranked number one overall, and overtook South Korea as the world's top country for cellphone and Internet use, the study said.
Also in the list's top 10 was Iceland in fourth and the UK in fifth.
Other countries of note were the US ranked 14th and Hong Kong was the highest performing Asian country at ninth. The Central African Republic was last, part of a list of African countries at the bottom of the list.
The International Telecommunications Union's ICT development index takes into account Internet and mobile phone access and use, and the population's competence with the technology.
"Over three billion people are now online and information and communication technology growth remains buoyant in just about every country worldwide," the report said.
Developing countries are lagging behind with their more developed neighbours, but catching up. Internet usage in 2014 grew 8.7 percent, compared to 3.3 percent in the richer nations.
However, of the 4.3 billion people still unconnected, 90 percent of them are in developing countries, the study revealed.
"ICTs have the potential to make the world a much better place — in particular for those who are the poorest and the most disenfranchised, including women, youth, and those with disabilities," said Hamadoun Toure, Telecommunications Union secretary general.

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