Deadly Enterovirus D68 found in Norway

Cases of the potentially deadly enterovirus D68 has been found in Norway, it was revealed on Tuesday.

Deadly Enterovirus D68 found in Norway
Norwegian medical authorities have issued health advice against the virus. Photo: Shutterstock
The virus, which can cause paralysis and is without cure, and there is no cure, has been found in a few cases affecting Norwegians, informed the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (Nasjonalt Folkehelseinstitutt – FHI).
Senior physician of the Division of Infectious Disease Control at FHI, Trude Arnesen, said to NTB: "Enteroviruses are spread from excrement via hands to food, and also by coughing. Good hand and coughing hygiene will reduce the chance of infection.”
“This is not a Polio virus and Norway is still free of Polio,” she added.
Enterovirus D68 is the most common cause of less severe forms of encephalitis and meningitis. The virus may also result in pulmonary infections and, more seldom, neurological symptoms like palsies.
The virus is usually found in children and young people with mild symptoms that include fever, pulmonary infection symptoms and body aches. On rare occassions, it can result in more serious symptoms, like pulmonary and neurological symptoms.
There is no curative treatment beside treating the symptoms. Preventive measures are good hand and coughing hygiene. FHI reports that there is no vaccine.

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