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'Ten reasons the French can be proud of France'

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'Ten reasons the French can be proud of France'
Ten reasons why the French can be proud of France, (according to the government).Photo: AFP
17:17 CET+01:00
France has come in for a harsh criticism recently whether it's from British CEOs or budget chiefs in Brussels and Berlin. But the government has taken it upon itself to hit back by publishing ten reasons to be proud of the country. How many do you agree with though?

Not a week goes by without some dire news about France. But is it really as bad as the headlines say?

In a bid to put an end to the oft-practiced sport of French-bashing both at home and abroad, the French government has published ten reasons why France is actually a place to be proud of.

Under the title of "Stop au French bashing" officials reel off 10 stats aimed at keeping the critics at bay. At least for a while.

Stop Bashing! 10 reasons the French can be proud of France


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