New Danish citizens halved in four years

New Danish citizens halved in four years
One out of every five new Danish citizens in 2012 came from Iraq. Photo: Colourbox
Danish citizenship was granted to just 3,600 people in 2012 compared to 6,900 in 2009, statistics agency Eurostat said on Tuesday.
Of the EU28 countries, only six gave out fewer citizenships per capita than Denmark in 2012, newly-released figures from Eurostat reveal. 
Danish citizenship was acquired by just 0.6 people per 1,000 inhabitants. The EU28 average was nearly three times that rate at 1.6 new citizenships per 1,000 people. Only Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Lithuania, Poland and Slovakia had lower rates. 
Luxembourg had the highest rate by far, granting citizenship to 8.7 people per 1,000 inhabitants, followed by Ireland (5.5) and Sweden (5.3).
Approximately 3,600 people became Danish citizens in 2012. According to Eurostat, just 300 came from other EU member states with the remaining 3,300 citizenships going to people from non-EU countries. 
That number represented a steep decrease from 2009, when some 6,900 people received Danish citizenship. Denmark granted 4,000 citizenships in 2010 and 4,200 in 2011. 
One out of every five new Danish citizens in 2012 came from Iraq. The next biggest group came from Afghanistan (12.9 percent), followed by Turkey (8.3) and Somalia (5.1). 
Throughout the EU, 818,000 people acquired citizenship in 2012. Five countries granted 69 percent of all citizenships: the UK (23.7 percent), Germany (14.0), France (11.7), Spain (11.5) and Italy (8.0).
Total number of recipients of citizenships in thousands:
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