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Turbulence forces Paris-NY flight to turn back

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Turbulence forces Paris-NY flight to turn back
An Arr France flight from Paris to New York was forced to turn around due to heavy turbulence. Photo: Paul Nelhams/Flickr
10:48 CET+01:00
An Air France Airbus A380 was forced to turn back to Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport on Tuesday after three crew members were injured as the plane flew through severe turbulence.

Flight AF006, bound for New York, was an hour into its journey and “in the ascent phase” over the UK when it hit “very strong gusts” according to an Air France spokesman.

 The pilot made an immediate decision to return to Paris.

"The crew decided to return to Paris-Charles de Gaulle where the plane landed at 4:26 pm normally," continued the spokesman.

The three crew members were slightly injured and were attended to by emergency services on the ground at Paris-Charles de Gaulle, but did not need further treatment.

Some passengers were able to get on a later flight to New York, whilst others will travel on Wednesday.

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