Quiz: Danish Citizenship Test

Can you pass the Danish citizenship test?

Can you pass the Danish citizenship test?
Want one of these? All you have to do is pass our test (ok, not really). Photo: Colourbox
Think you've got what it takes to be a Dane? Prove it by taking The Local's citizenship test.
Two times each year, the Danish parliament approves a bill granting citizenship to new Danes. 
The newest bill containing the names of 1,607 new Danish citizens is now beginning to work its way through the three required readings in parliament.
What better time then to see if YOU have what it takes to become a Danish citizen. We’ve made a quiz containing actual questions from the last citizenship test, given on June 11th. That marked the first time that prospective Danes were given a new modernised test that focuses more on current Danish society than the nation's history. 
The next citizenship test will be offered on December 4th, so here’s your chance to brush up your knowledge. And because we want everyone to be able to participate whether you are a soon-to-be Dane or you’ve never even stepped foot in Denmark, we have translated 15 of the 30 questions into English. To pass, you'll need to get 11 of them correct. 
Good luck on our mock test and a sincere held og lykke to those taking the real thing on December 4th.

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