Fine weather makes Swedes spend: study

Fine weather makes Swedes spend: study
When the sun is shining, Swedes take three scoops. File photo: TT
A warm summer makes Swedes more likely to dig deep and spend their hard-earned cash more freely, researchers have claimed.
The summer puts us in better mood, makes us more social and also encourages our benevolent sides, according to Swedish researcher John Magnus Roos at the Centre for Consumer Science in Gothenburg. 
"In the short term, sun and heat benefit among other things, restaurants in coastal areas, ice cream shops, and shops selling shorts and t-shirts," Roos observed.
"Impulse buying is more common where for example someone may buy a shirt or two without even trying them on."
Home decoration and consumer electronics are however identified as losers in the summer sun. 
According to the researchers, the weather affects primarily two factors – mood and how much time you spend in a store. 
"If the weather is bad we shop by way of compensation. If it is good weather, we buy because you are usually in a good mood," Roos explained.
"Sure, the heat can also be a stress factor – but it often leads to taking the first best thing you can find without going around and comparing prices," he added. 
The heat wave also makes us more outgoing, according to John Magnus Roos This conclusion has been made due to the fact that we buy more gifts, donate more to charity and eat more organic products. 
The economy as a whole can benefit from summers like 2014, Roos believed.
"We've got the sun that many people have been longing for – and therefore we can stay home in the fall and spend money in the country instead of during a charter trip. In addition, a summer like this is in the long run good for foreign consumption in Sweden."
Researchers have also noted that bad weather leads to an increase in online shopping.
"Purely rational thinking would mean that we would buy more online when it is nice weather so that we can go out the rest of the time. But we choose to spend more time doing it when it is rainy and windy.

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