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Ten bars in Paris to watch the World Cup

Ten bars in Paris to watch the World Cup
There's no need to watch the World Cup from the street. Check out these ten venues in Paris. Photo: Malias/Flickr
There might be no fan park in Paris to watch the action at this year's World Cup but the French capital is clearly not short of great venues to catch the football. If you are fan of England, Australia, the United States or even France, here's ten great options for you.

The traditional fan park may have been ditched but Paris is not short of bars, pubs and cafes to watch the football this summer. Some however are better, or let's say more atmospheric, than others. So if you are a fan of England, the United States, Australia or even your adopted nation France, then here’s a list of great places to catch the action.

1.       Kia Cabana

If you are fans of the outdoor giant screen then this could be the closest thing you’ll get. Carmakers Kia are offering Parisians the chance to watch the matches on a barge on the river Seine, close to the Eiffel Tower at the Port de Champs-Élysées. The barge will feature three spaces: “The stadium” – where the matches will be shown, “The village” – which will feature an exhibition around Brazilian fashion and “The beach” – which will give revellers a feel of Copacabana. It's probably worth checking out. 

2.       The Bombardier

This pub, on the Place du Panthéon, has long been a favourite among England fans whenever a tournament comes around. There’s usually an electric atmosphere here for the big matches, but be prepared to stand and queue a while for a drink while you watch England toil and then go out on penalties. For more info CLICK HERE.

3.       The Coq and Bulldog

If you want an alternative venue to watch the Three Lions, or indeed any team, then head up to Coq and Bulldog on Rue de Clichy. You’ll have more chance of finding a seat here and won’t need to stand at the bar for ages to get a drink. The two big screens will have all the action covered and it won't be short on atmosphere either. CLICK HERE for more info.

4.       Belushi’s

If you are more into the Stars and Stripes than the Three Lions then the two Belushi’s sports bars could be a good option for you. There’s one at Gare du Nord and another up the road by the Canal de l’Ourq. You can also reserve areas of the bars for groups of people and enjoy some traditional American grub and grog. Visit their website by CLICKING HERE.

5.       Play-off

Play-Off at Avenue de Wagram and Rue Saint-Georges has long been a favourite among sports fans. It markets itself on a cross between an English pub, a steakhouse and an American sports bar, so would be good for fans of either team and is also popular among supporters of Les Bleus. “The objective is to respond to vital needs: Beer, meat, fries and football,” says the bar’s website. Can’t argue with that. For more info CLICK HERE.

6.       The Great Canadian

With Canada not having qualified for the World Cup, The Great Canadian by the river at St Michel will no doubt be overrun by fans of the US team. It will be busy but no one should worry about missing out on any of the action because when it comes to the number of screens it’s hard to look beyond The Great Canadian

7.       Café Oz (any one of them)

Aussies like to stick together when it comes to sporting events, so for anyone hoping to see the Socceroos in action, it’s probably best not to look any further than one of the capital's Café Oz bars. These giant pubs are dotted around the city at Denfert-Rochereay, Grands Boulevards, Châtelet and Blanche and will provide a fitting venue for Australia’s three matches at the World Cup (no offence Socceroo fans, we just can’t see you getting out of the group). For more info CLICK HERE.

8.       Le Players

With around 30 screens Le Players, on Rue Montmartre is probably one of the biggest venues to watch the football. It’s known for its party atmosphere and will probably be full of fans from all nationalities throughout the month-long football extravaganza. Le Players is even offering a special three-course menu during the finals featuring a “Copacabana” burger and a Caipirinha cocktail. Visit the bar's website by CLICKING HERE.

9.       Le Café Rive Droite

Right in the heart of Paris in the Châtelet area, the Café Rive Droite offers eight big TV screens for you to watch the matches. You can also ring ahead to reserve a table to watch the games. It's a good option if you are in the town centre and want some traditional French cuisine while you watch the action. CLICK HERE for more info.

10.   Le Magellan

Finally if you are not a fan of big rowdy crowds but still want to watch the football out, rather than at home, then why not try Le Magellan, hidden away in the 11th arrondissement on Rue des Goncourt. Time Out magazine included Le Magellan in their top ten bars in Paris to watch a football match and noted the fact that you don’t have to shout to order a beer or even stand in a queue. If you want a cosy venue, this could be for you. For more info CLICK HERE

If you have any other suggestions of your own for where to catch the World Cup or opinions to offer about the above choices, then share them with fellow readers in the comments section below.

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