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Top 10: Spanish romantic nicknames for lovers

Top 10: Spanish romantic nicknames for lovers
Some of these romantic nicknames in Spanish have to be used with a bit of caution Comical couple: Shutterstock
Are you a fatty, a half-orange or just somebody's darling? When it comes to romantic nicknames for boyfriends and girlfriends, Spaniards are every bit as inventive and outrageous as you would expect.

If your Spanish lover has just called you a gordi (fatty) don't fret. It's meant in the sweetest possible way.

The same goes for media naranja (half orange) and parienta (the missus).    

While English speakers tend to go for straightforward terms of endearment like darling and sweetie, Spanish is full of imaginative monikers for your loved one.

Read on to check out The Local's list of the top 10 romantic nicknames in Spanish.

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