Ten ways to know you’re becoming French

Ten ways to know you're becoming French
How do to know you're becoming French.Find out with the help of expats Lisa Vanden Boss and Shari LEslie Segall. Photo: Shutterstock/Judit Halasz
For an expat to become French there's no need to gain nationality or a French passport, it often just happens slowly over time. With the help of a new book "90+ Way's to know you're becoming French" here's a glimpse of some of the tell tale signs to look out for.

When expats have been in France for a certain amount of time there are certain clues that give away a metamorphises that we all go through to varying degrees.

Slowly but surely as the days and weeks pass by, even without realising it, we slowly but surely become more French. But what are those signs?

Two Paris-based expats Shari Leslie Segall and Lisa Vanden Boss have put together a comprehensive list of dozens of symptoms to look for on the road to becoming Gallic

The pair, along with illustrator Judit Halasz, from Hungry have put them together in a new book titled “90+ ways to know you’re becoming French”.

"To a greater or lesser degree, whether you expected to or not, one day you realize that you’re crossing to the other side. How do you know that you’ve arrived?" starts the book.

Here we give you a glimpse of what the tell-tale signs they tell you to look out for. Click on the link below. What others can you add to this list?

Ten ways to know you're becoming French

If you want more information on where to get hold of their book visit: http://www.fusac.fr/becoming-french-the-book/ 

Shari Leslie Segall, in Paris since 1985 and author of France-themed books and articles, and teaches at Sciences Po university. 
Lisa Vanden Bos, originally from the U.S.A. and in Paris since 1989,  is co-owner of FUSAC, the magazine and website for English speakers  in Paris.
Judit Halász is a Hungarian designer who loves France.  She created the HJ group, whose creations are featured at trade fairs.

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