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Moving to Germany – 10 reasons to think twice

Moving to Germany - 10 reasons to think twice
Photo: DPA
Germany's booming economy, ripe job and property markets and stunning holiday spots might make it seem an expat paradise. But moving to Germany isn't right for everyone.

But with any foreign country, there will always be elements of life there that you simply don't notice until you've already moved in, signed your forms and met the neighbours.

In a foil to a previous Local List – reasons to move to Germany – this week we look at some key points to keep in mind before upping sticks and relocating.

To avoid the risk of post-move culture shock, we've brought together this list of life in Germany's little peccadilloes, from the country's abysmal TV to the stresses and strains of wrapping your brain around the German language and the dangers of sausage over-use.

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