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Twitter round-up: Swiss ‘xenophobia prevails’

Twitter round-up: Swiss 'xenophobia prevails'
Swiss vote shows that "xenophobia prevails", says Kenneth Roth, head of Human Rights Watch (File photo: John MacDougall/AFP)
Switzerland’s referendum results have triggered a wave of international reactions – Eurosceptics praised the Swiss for standing up to Brussels, while the head of a human rights group lashed out at perceived xenophobia. We’ve scoured Twitter for more outrage and insights.

As news of the vote to curb immigration from the EU spread far and wide, commentators lined up to decry what many viewed as a show of harmful Swiss insularity. Kenneth Roth, the head of Human Rights Watch, didn’t hold back.

Helpfully, some tweeters deployed maps and graphs to tease out some of the more fascinating details.

Martin Schulz, President of the European parliament, urged restraint.

Nein Quarterly’s editor took a blunter approach.

Travel writer Diccon Bewes asked one of the more pertinent questions.

British Conservative MP Mark Pritchard sided with the victors.

And French National Front leader Marine Le Pen was predictably thrilled, as she praised Swiss moves towards immigration control as a “national priority”.

But European Commission spokeswoman Pia Ahrenkilde hinted at the acrimony ahead.

One Swiss journalist summed up the feelings of many in the No camp when he claimed to have spotted a new item for sale in Ikea’s Swiss stores.

This is what the Swiss national football team would look like if “cleansed of mass immigration”.

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