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Merkel’s necklace gets its own Twitter account

Merkel's necklace gets its own Twitter account
Photo: DPA
Merkel's choice of necklace has become one of the main talking points of Sunday night's election debate, trumping issues such as Syria, taxes and the crisis in the eurozone.

While the debate was still being broadcast, the black, gold and red necklace was given its own Twitter account called Deutschland Kette – Germany Necklace.

Providing humorous commentary with tweets such as “It’s getting warm here” and “I give the chancellor my full backing,” the account had almost 6,500 followers by Monday lunchtime.

Tabloid newspaper the Bild declared the necklace – which shows the colours of the German flag but in the wrong order – one of the real winners of the debate, but added it showed the the lack of proper talking points in the election campaign.

The Süddeutsche Zeitung newspaper, meanwhile, reported it was not the necklace’s first public appearance, tracking its initial outing to the 2009 election trail.

Some speculated that the necklace might be giving hints as to the make-up of the coalition to be formed after the September 22nd vote – with black and gold the colours of Merkel’s preferred coalition between her CDU party and the FDP.

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