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Top ten things that shock Spaniards in the UK

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Top ten things that shock Spaniards in the UK
British youth's decision to brave it with the help of a much needed "beer coat" baffles many Spaniards in the UK. Photo: ambernectar/Flickr
11:27 CEST+02:00
In this week's The Local List, we put ourselves in the shoes of Spaniards left gobsmacked by British habits and traditions.

Spaniards have contrasting views about the Brits and their habits.

Their reputation as well-spoken gentlemen who always arrive on time has been tarnished by their sometimes reckless, alcohol-induced behaviour when on their holidays abroad.

But Spaniards who visit or spend time living in the UK gain an even greater insight into the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde sides of the British.

We've taken a look at the top ten things that shock these Spanish expats and holidaymakers about modern British culture and its traditions.

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