Swedes survive New York helicopter drama

Swedes survive New York helicopter drama
A Swedish family of four was lucky to escape uninjured when a helicopter was forced to land in the Hudson river in New York on Sunday after it ran out of power just minutes into a tourist flight.

“The pilot did a terrific job, considering he lost his engine power, and landed his ship safely,” fire fighter Thomas McKavanagh told the New York Post.

“He was able to get this helicopter to land upright and with minimal impact.”

The four Swedes on board, two adults and two children, escaped without injury. They had been taking a tourist flight that took off from the Wall Street Heliport, just 12 minutes before the aircraft was forced to make an emergency landing.

The chopper managed to stay upright while landing in the water, and activated its pontoons allowing a safe exit for the passengers and pilot.

The incident marks the second time a helicopter has gone down in the area, with a chopper crashing into the waters in 2011, resulting in three deaths.

In 2009, a plane carrying 150 passengers was forced to make an emergency landing on the river after hitting into a flock of geese mid air. Everyone on board escaped alive.

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