Spain hosts world first ‘Google Glass’ operation

Spain hosts world  first 'Google Glass' operation
The 'augmented reality' glasses allow remote experts to consult live on surgeries. Photo: Ole Spata/DPA/AFP
The world's first surgery using Google Glass, the tech giant's new 'wearable computer' in the form of glasses, will be carried out on Friday in Madrid with the help of experts in the USA.

A 49-year-old man will enter the record books when he goes under the knife in Madrid on Friday for his chondrocyte transplant operation, a procedure used to treat cartilage injuries.

The surgery, to be carried out at the capital's CEMTRO Clinic, will be the first ever operation in the world involving the assistance of 'augmented-reality' glasses.

The operation will be monitored simultaneously in Stanford University in the United States where Dr. Hormero Rivas and his colleagues may consult with the Spanish team led by Dr. Pedro Guillen, according to Spanish national daily La Razón.

Internet viewers will also be able to follow proceedings in real time online thanks to Spanish Google Glass app development company Droiders.

Experts believe that Google's new technology will revolutionize the field of health.

The 'smart glasses' will allow doctors to instantly collect and record patient information, take high definition pictures and connect with other doctors.

They will enable remote experts to see patients through the eyes of the wearer to offer diagnosis, answer questions and exchange opinions.

However, critics have expressed concerns that the Google Glass technology could lead to invasions of privacy.

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