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The big jackpots are coming to town!

The big jackpots are coming to town!
Swedish residents finally have access to a real super-jackpot - you know, the kind that will actually allow you to retire after a win. After years of pining for a jackpot worth its salt, everyone in Sweden can play the EuroJackpot lottery from February 1st.

The EuroJackpot has only been around for a few months, launched in March 2012 in eight European countries.

It offers a minimum jackpot of 10 million euros (86 million crowns) growing to a maximum of 90 million euros.

And then, there’s the EuroMillions. At a maximum jackpot size of 190 million euros (1.6 billion crowns), it really is the grand-patriarch of European lotteries.

That said, the upstart EuroJackpot is likely to upturn the apple cart. Along with Sweden, five other countries have chosen to join the EuroJackpot (Norway, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, and Croatia) on February 1st.

That means that the EuroJackpot will actually be offered to more customers every week than the EuroMillions, and than can only mean two things: bigger jackpots, and more winners!

There’s another more abstract reason why the EuroJackpot is likely to become the fan-favourite in time – the odds of winning.

At 59 million to one, the odds of cracking the jackpot are actually far better than with the EuroMillions, which offers odds of about 117 million to one to take home the grand prize.

All this just begs the question – why haven’t you bought your ticket yet?

Tickets go on sale at kiosks across Sweden this week, or you can get your entry for the lottery online at Lottoland.com.

Incidentally, you can also get your EuroMillions ticket there, but let’s keep that a secret, shall we?

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