Hunter, dog survive wild bear chase drama

A Swedish man in his twenties was planning a day in the woods to train his hunting dog, but was joined by some unexpected company, as a bear chased them up into a hunting tower where they were forced to remain through the night.

“It started getting darker and darker, and I could hear the bear roaring, she was defending her cubs, and was really mean,” said the surprised victim Thomas Olsson to the Aftonbladet newspaper.

He was only heading out to the woods to train his 15 month-old dog Aqila, but was forced to stay for quite a bit longer than planned.

“Aqila barked, and I thought she’d found elk, but then she came running with a bear chasing after her,” Olsson said.

He managed to fire a shot, which served to distract the bear, and made his escape up a nearby hunting tower.

“I thought I’d have a better chance of making it if climbed up. I think it was really lucky that the tower was right there,” Olsson said.

He was stuck atop the tower from eight in the evening until four in the morning, in a t-shirt and with no mobile phone with him to call for help. Finally, a rescue squad found him.

Olsson told the Aftonbladet newspaper that the unexpected meeting was his first close encounter with a bear, after eight years as a certified hunter.

“And that’s probably as close as I want to get.”

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