Stockholm driver refused to let 13-year-old on bus

A Stockholm bus driver didn’t let a 13-year-old boy on the bus, despite having a valid ticket, after trying to board with an invalid mobile ticket twice.

“The driver felt he had already had his chance to take the bus,” said Johan Nordfjäll, press spokesperson for bus company Keolis, to daily Svenska Dagbladet (SvD).

The 13-year-old was left alone at a Stockholm bus station at 8pm on Saturday evening after being refused by the driver. According to witnesses, the boy had tried to get on the bus with an invalid bus ticket twice, and was asked to get off.

After getting help from two other passengers to purchase a ticket, the boy tried to get on the bus again- this time with a valid ticket to ride.

However, the bus driver refused to let him on.

“The driver said it wasn’t possible and that the boy had to get off. He was very brusque and not very nice, and if I, as an adult, had been treated like that I would have felt very uncomfortable,” said one of the passengers to SvD.

The boy’s father told the paper that he feels uncomfortable letting his son travel home on his own and use the Stockholm public transport to travel to and from school, considering what happened.

At the Stockholm public transport (Stockholms Lokaltrafik, SL) they told the paper that drivers are only allowed to deny someone to travel if they are a menace to the other passengers or they don’t have a valid ticket.

Bus company Keolis admitted to the paper that the driver perhaps should have let the boy on after he had acquired a valid ticket.

According to SvD they will now review the matter and if they find that the driver acted wrongly, an apology will be extended to the boy and his family.

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